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What is the 80 twenty rule?

What’s the 80 twenty rule? great question…

The 80 twenty rule is a concept that can apply to business, investing and relationships but I think works especially well for healthy eating. It makes such perfect sense that I made 80 twenty rule my Twitter handle, Facebook page… basically, I will be tattooing it to the back of my hand so I never forget to live it!

So what is the 80 twenty rule from my point of view?

Simply, the secret to a healthy and joyful life! Choose “healthy” foods 80% of the time and treat yourself to “other” or less healthy foods 20% of the time. Life is meant to be lived and food is one of the pleasures of life.

Vanilla bean ice cream topped with chocolate chip cookies.
Photo credit: ulterior epicure on Flickr.

Have you ever tried to go on a diet that cut out certain foods or entire food groups? How did that go for you? If it made one of your favourite foods off-limits, chances are you found your way back to your usual way of eating sooner rather than later. Why is that? Many of our favourite foods have a psychological tie to them.

My sister, friends and me -probably paddling our way to more ice cream!

For me, ice cream means going for boat rides with my dad on summer evenings. We would tie up the boat at the dock next to our favourite ice cream parlour and go get a cone, and then watch the sunset together with our Heavenly Hash or Cookie Dough ice cream. Part of the fun was having to furiously scrub the stains from my shirt that the drippy ice cream left behind so my mom wouldn’t know we had spoiled dinner.

My dad passed away several years ago, so any chance I have to remember the fun times we shared I will take. Having an ice cream cone does that for me. Oh, and it happens to be delicious!

So does ice cream have a place in a healthy diet? Should I punish myself with going on a fast or cleanse if I’ve had one cone too many?

I say no. It’s natural to want some of these comfort foods and if you deny yourself, you’re only going to want it more. Guess what? Holding out from cravings often backfires and you end up eating more in the long run.

So go ahead and enjoy your ice cream, or whatever your less healthy favourites happen to be. Just make sure you are choosing them 20% of the time, so you are eating more healthy foods 80% of the time. You can find ways to meet that ice cream craving with healthier options, and then treat yourself to the real thing every so often.

Does that sound more reasonable than saying “never again”? Which do you think you can stick with for life?

Healthier frozen treats.
Photo credit: ulterior epicure on Flickr

That’s what this blog is all about. Welcome to a world where diets and trends are questioned and science is scrutinized. What is the most important information you need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle that is still joyful and fun-filled? Find it here!

Let’s share ways to enjoy healthy, nutritious foods and recipes for healthier versions of comfort food favourites. What’s your ultimate comfort food? Have you found ways to make it healthier? Leave your comments here or share them on Twitter or Facebook.

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