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The Top 5 Nutrition News Stories of 2016

It’s been such a fun and fascinating year of doing media interviews on the latest nutrition news and research! From going live on national TV news to doing radio syndication coast-to-coast, I did over 100 nutrition media interviews last year. That’s why I wanted to highlight the top 5 nutrition news stories of 2016.

The Top 5 Nutrition News Stories of 2016 on 80 Twenty Nutrition - media registered dietitian nutritionist 80 Twenty Nutrition


Whether it’s a new food guide, putting warnings on restaurant menus or questioning the salt content in food geared towards children, there was lots to talk about in the nutrition world in 2016!

I recently did a roundup of the best recipes of 2016 on 80 Twenty Nutrition.

Here, in ascending order, are the top 5 nutrition news stories of 2016 based on the most visited Nutrition News posts on 80 Twenty Nutrition!

The Top 5 Nutrition News Stories of 2016

#5: Sugar Cravings and Junk Food Cravings: How to Stop Them

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Cravings can take you from devoted healthy eater to having cake for breakfast (and lunch… and dinner) in no time.  Whether you’re a chocolate lover, salt addict or sugar worshipper, I wrote this piece to share some of my favorite tips for managing cravings. I was also contacted by Canadian Living and Chatelaine to write pieces and do interviews on how to handle cravings.

There are so many different types of cravings that can strike depending on the time of day, your habits and how you manage stress.

Get insight into your cravings and how to kick them to the curb in one of the most popular articles of the year!


#4: Eating More Plant Protein May Help You Live Longer

Beans and lentils are a great plant protein source that may extend your life based on new nutrition research. Christy Brissette media dietitian - 80 Twenty Nutrition
Photo credit: Stefan Lins via Flickr.

Plant protein was a huge trend in 2016 and for good reason! An observational study of 130,000 nurses and healthcare professionals over several decades found that people who eat more plant protein (beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts and seeds) and less animal protein (particularly red meat) may live longer when they have unhealthy habits like heavy drinking, smoking, being overweight or physically inactive. 

I was called upon by CBC Radio from coast to coast and did 12 interviews on plant protein and what this research study tells us about the healthiest way to eat.

Eating 3% more plant protein was associated with a 10% lower risk of dying.

Eating 10% more animal protein was linked to a 2% higher risk of death from all causes and an 8% higher risk of death from heart disease.

So should animal protein be avoided? Should we all go vegan? What about lean animal protein like chicken breasts? I decode the science for you so you can get the practical information you need to make the best choices for your health. Plus, get tips to add more plant protein to your meals and snacks.

#3: Does Eating Pasta Make You Thin?

Pasta lovers around the world rejoiced when this study came out claiming pasta eaters are slimmer. Finally, a diet trend we can all embrace 😉 I was contacted by ELLE Magazine and CBC to weigh in on the famous “pasta study”.

The Italian study looked at the link between people’s dietary intake, their waist to hip ratios and their weight to identify any trends. They found a link between eating pasta and being thinner. So how much pasta is too much? How often should we have pasta? Does it have to be whole grain pasta or is white pasta healthy too? Get the answers in my summary of the research!

#2: Sports Nutrition: What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Top 5 Nutrition News Stories of 2016: sports nutrition: What to Eat Before and After a Workout:  media dietitian food expert Christy Brissette nutritionist 80 Twenty Nutrition

It’s a common question I get from clients and it’s an important one… sports nutrition can impact the results you get from all the hard work you put in at the gym or outside.

I did interviews for Global News and Women’s Health about what to eat to fuel your body for exercise.

Check out my blog post on why what you eat and when before your workout matters. I also reveal the recipe for perfect post-workout nutrition to enhance recovery. Looking for real food examples of what to have before and after a workout? I have you covered with plenty of yummy ideas!

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And now, by landslide, here is the most popular nutrition news post of last year…






Drumroll, please…






#1: Grains are Killing You, Wheat is Killing You… and Other Lies that Sell Books

Top 5 Nutrition News Stories of 2016: Grain debate with media dietitian Christy Brissette of 80 Twenty Nutrition and Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly

I went head-to-head live on CTV National News with William Davis, a medical doctor and author of “Wheat Belly” live on national news to discuss whether Canada’s Food Guide promotes eating too many grain products.

His stance was, of course, extreme: no grains at all is what he recommends based on results from “hundreds” of patients he sees a day (I have no idea how that’s even possible).

When I mentioned the decades of research supporting whole grains and reduction of the risk of colorectal cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more… he went into attack mode.

Get my insights on why sensational nutrition views sell books and confuse everyone. Plus, why including some whole grains in your diet is healthy if you know how to balance your meals and keep portion sizes in check.

This hot-button topic brought many new people to my blog and really lit a fire under me to write my own book. There needs to be more evidence-based nutrition information out there to balance out all of the zealots and fear-mongering that goes on!

Is all this talk of cravings and whole grains making you hungry?

Here are the top 5 recipes of 2016 on 80 Twenty Nutrition:

There you have it…

Any surprises? What were some of the most interesting nutrition news stories you came across this year?

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