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Make the Cut! Shopping for and Cooking Beef Made Easy

I’m new to the world of cooking beef. Vegetarian options, chicken, I have them covered. But for some reason, I rarely cook beef at home. I enjoy it when I’m dining out or at someone else’s house. I suppose I would cook it at home for special occasions, but I never seem to know what cut to buy or how to cook it to make it taste great (despite requests from my family and friends to give it a try).

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Finally, the opportunity to learn. Actually, it’s possibly better than learning. It’s an app that gives you all the knowledge of a butcher and chef at your fingertips.  I was invited to participate in Canada Beef‘s “Can You Make the Cut?” Challenge.

My task? Downloading Canada Beef’s Roundup App, setting off for the grocery store and cooking one of the app’s yummy recipes. I was nervous. Beef can be an intimidating ingredient for at-home chefs.

The one beef recipe I do occasionally make at home is Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon. I’ve purchased different types cuts of beef to make it without any rhyme or reason as to why… other than it was labeled as “stewing beef”. The Roundup app lets you search by beef cuts, cooking methods and more. I love the idea of knowing what to get and if they don’t have it, knowing what other cuts would be good substitutions.

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For beef shopping and cooking newbies like me, the app has tons of helpful information like what the different grades mean from “A” to “AAA” and “Prime”.

The biggest game-changing tip for me:

Tenderness rule of thumb: The farther a cut is from hoof, horn or hip, the more tender the meat. BUT less tender cuts often have more flavour.

The app gets a few extra gold stars for dietitian-approved sections such as the one on safe food handling and the nutrition benefits of beef such as protein, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. Did you know beef has double the iron as chicken?

I opted to try one of the “slow and low” recipes for maximum flavour (slow cooked on low heat). Short ribs are a higher calorie cut, but I liked that you could trim off any visible fat before and after cooking. I look for grass-fed, organic beef when possible for the healthiest fatty acid profile.

I made the Bulgogi-Style Braised Beef with Skillet Baby Bok Choy and it was unbelievably delicious! The meat melted right off the bone and the incredible flavour of the beef, ginger and garlic was perfect.


Are you shy about cooking beef at home? Give the Roundup App a try. You’ll have all the knowledge you need for your recipe to turn out perfectly. You can pick a recipe by occasion, so if you’re cottaging, camping or celebrating, you have a delicious meal idea ready to go.

Share your favourite grilling, stewing or roasting tips below!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Canada Beef and I have been compensated monetarily and with groceries. All opinions are 100% my own.

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