Crash Proof



Crash Proof: Strategic Healthy Eating to Manage Reactive Hypoglycemia

If you’ve ever found yourself nauseous, faint or with a pounding headache between meals, this book is for you!

Reactive hypoglycemia is a frustrating and debilitating health issue that is poorly understood by many health professionals. Through her extensive research and trial and error in managing her own reactive hypoglycemia, author and registered dietitian Christy Brissette has created a highly effective “how to” guide for keeping blood sugar levels steady.

This book will help you:

  • Create nutritious and tasty meals and snacks that will stabilize your blood sugar levels
  • Figure out how to avoid weight gain or even lose weight while eating enough to prevent hypoglycemic episodes
  • Plan meals, grocery shop and stock your pantry for stable blood sugar, energy and focus
  • Determine what to eat before, during and after workouts without crashing
  • Plan for stressful situations where you’re forced to fast, such as medical tests
  • Decide whether supplements could be helpful for you and when you should take them to optimize blood sugar

End the frustration of trying to figure out how to prevent blood sugar crashes on your own. Get a plan that has helped hundreds of people feel better overnight.

With delicious recipes, creative food swaps and smart snack ideas, you’ll be able to crash proof your day, every day.