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Prevent Lunch Bag Letdown – Let Kids Choose from Healthy Snacks!

Fall is such a busy time… Kids are back at school, teens are starting university, adults are back from vacation, and everyone seems to be running around at breakneck speed! I know we often think of this time of year as “back to school” but I really see it as “back to the routine”. It’s up to you whether it will be a healthy routine…

We tend to start new seasons with the best of intentions: exercising, eating well, and so on, but it’s hard to keep up with good habits when we get busy.

Kids these days

I hear from so many parents that they get frustrated because they make efforts to pack healthy lunches for their kids and then kids don’t eat them. Even worse, kids trade them away for less healthy options. It’s also common for kids to eat their snacks out of their lunch bag first, causing parents to worry that they’re not meeting their nutrition needs.

So what’s a well-meaning parent to do?

I had a blast on CHCH Morning Live sharing my tips to prevent lunch bag letdown. The key is to present kids with a variety of healthy options and let them choose their snacks and put together their own lunches. If all of the choices are healthy, their choice will be healthy 😉

Check out my segment for tons of ideas. 

Attention, kids at heart

These tips aren’t just for kids. We all need an energy boost and snacking is an important part of keeping us focused and productive all day long.

Do you suffer from the 3 pm slump or commuter cravings? Most of us can stick to healthy eating earlier in the day, but when our energy levels crash in the afternoon, cravings can take over. Healthy, balanced snacks are an important part of managing your weight and keeping blood sugar levels stable. Otherwise known as preventing you from getting “hangry” (hungry + angry = no fun).

Snacks for sustained energy

Some parents have told me they’ve taken snacks out of their kids’ lunches so they’re forced to eat their lunch first. This is a mistake. Kids these days are constantly rushing off to after-school activities, and this means they need fuel to keep them energized until dinner. It doesn’t matter if they eat their snacks at lunch and lunch at recess or after school, as long as all of the choices are healthy.

That’s why it’s important to pack healthy snacks for yourself and for the kids. Let kids choose from a variety of options that contain both fibre and protein: a combination of fruit or vegetable sticks paired with seeds, bean dip, yogurt cups and cheese sticks.

How do you eat to keep your energy levels up?

Wishing you health and happiness,

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  1. Great segment and tips Christy!! Love the idea of making plates of different fruits and veggies then just covering them and refrigerating for the next day. What a time-saver!

    1. Thanks so much, Amber! I’m all about saving time whole eating healthy. Do you have tips to share?

    2. Thanks, Amber! It has to be easy, right? What are your quick lunch prep tips?

  2. Reblogged this on Miss Jr. Teen IL United States 2015 and commented:
    I stumbled on this amazing blog about nutrition and how it effects the increasing epidemic of childhood obesity, among other things. I decided to Reblog this post because I know first hand how good it works! We have a drawer in the refrigerator called the lunch box. Snack sized baggies are always there; filled with fresh fruit, nuts and cheese, and cut up veggies. We also put juice boxes, apple sauce cups and other snacks in there. I just grab and go!

    Learn more tips about helping to get a handle on childhood obesity at 80 Twenty Rule. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! So happy you liked the post 🙂