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Parsnip Fritters with Sweet Potato and Zucchini – Gluten-Free and Paleo!

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From brunch to a healthy snack, these yummy parsnip fritters are not only versatile but easy to make! If parsnip isn’t the most familiar vegetable in your kitchen, this recipe is a great introduction to this underrated veggie.

Don’t be fooled by their pale color because parsnips are anything but bland! They actually have a unique sweet flavor, so it’s no wonder that parsnips were used to sweeten cakes and jams in medieval Europe prior to sugar being widely available. Even more, parsnips have a higher potassium and folate content in comparison to the carrot cousins, two important nutrients for heart health.

parsnip fritters sweet potato zucchini paleo gluten free

Interested in another way to use parsnips? Why not pair them with other vegetables that are in season in this roasted winter vegetables recipe!

There’s also a lot more to love about these fritters. Lately, I’ve been on a sweet potato kick and have been swapping them for my regular potatoes and I don’t think I’m going back! Sweet potatoes are a great source of beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant that converts into vitamin A which is important for our eyes and immune systems.

parsnip fritters sweet potato zucchini gluten free paleo
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When I first treated my friends to this dish they thought the orange color came from carrots! To their surprise, the combined flavors from the parsnips and sweet potatoes had everyone going for seconds!

It’s also important to mention that a common mistake when making similar recipes that use shredded veggies is not squeezing out the excess moisture! While this requires a bit of a kitchen strength workout it definitely pays off in the end. By not removing moisture from the veggies, your batter is not going to form well, resulting in not-so-yummy soggy fritters.

The parsnip fritters can be eaten as is, but I found that they pair quite well with tzatziki or yogurt.

What are some of your favorite root vegetables to cook with? Share in the comments below!



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