Mindful Eating Guided Meditation – Lose Weight and Keep it Off – 80 Twenty Nutrition

Mindful Eating Guided Meditation – Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Mindful Eating – Lose Weight and Keep it Off

For many of us, eating has become something we do in a hurry, often while distracted.  How often do you enjoy a meal free from distractions such as the TV, computer, smart phone or a magazine? This mindless eating may be one of the reasons we tend to overeat: because we don’t take the time to taste our food and really enjoy each bite.

Mindful eating - lose weight and keep it off with this guided mindful eating exercise/meditation video from Christy Brissette, media dietitian 80 Twenty Nutrition - Toronto and Los Angeles

By taking the time to ask yourself: “Am I physically hungry, or am I eating for some other reason?” you can help identify your patterns around emotional eating when bored, frustrated or lonely.

Choosing foods that you enjoy and that are nourishing and preparing healthy meals are also part of the process of eating mindfully.

Mindful eating can help you connect with your body and gain a deeper understanding of what drives you to eat other than physical hunger.

Try Mindful Eating Now!

Are you looking to incorporate more mindful eating into your life? Give the mindful eating guided meditation video a try and contact me for a phone or online appointment today!


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  1. Christy, thank you so much for this post on mindful eating! I feel like I often rush through meals (especially lunch at work) because I have other things to do. But eating is so vital to our everyday lives and deserves our full attention. I will definitely use your video with my next meal.

  2. People ask all the time why I’m a vegetarian and I tell them exactly this. I want to be mindful of what I’m eating and meat was something I could personally give up easily to force myself to be mindful. 8 years later it’s been an amazing experience and lifestyle choice!

  3. These are fantastic principals you’ve referenced. It’s so important to slow down and focus on what we’re doing in life…not just while we’re eating, but all the time. I’ve noticed I snack way too much if I eat while watching tv or surfing the web (but I’ll be more mindful of that).
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

  4. Thanks for the great reminder to eat mindfully. I have fallen into a habit of reading or watching TV if I am eating alone. A habit I will change.

  5. jesusglitter says:

    It is true about mindful eating. I had my gall bladder removed and for years my brain didn’t tell my stomach I was full and I complained for years to the doctors and finally found a chiropractor who has helped me to end the mindless eating!