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Carb Savvy: A Complete Guide to Individualized Low Carb Eating for People with Diabetes and Prediabetes    

Carbohydrates are an important nutrient that play a large role in managing blood sugar.

A number of diets have been created over the years to reduce or eliminate carbs as a way to improve blood sugar levels and promote weight loss.

Unfortunately, many of these fad diets aren’t based on scientific evidence and are unhealthy, hard to follow, and sometimes dangerous for people with diabetes.

With this in mind, author and registered dietitian Christy Brissette created Carb Savvy: A Complete Guide to Individualized Low Carb Eating for People with Diabetes and Prediabetes.   

This book provides essential tips and guidance addressing the unique needs of people with diabetes, such as interactions with medications and insulin regimens, balancing nutrients other than carbs, fat intake and heart health, a summary of the evidence on low-carb diets and diabetes, realistic guidance on choosing a low carb eating pattern that works for you, and much more.

Unlike other books and fad diets focused on low-carb advice with little scientific evidence, Carb Savvy  presents 150 delicious recipes, 7 day meal plans, and advice that balances glycemic health, heart health, and the challenges of behavior change. The result is an in-depth guide designed to help readers stick to a healthy, diabetes-friendly eating pattern for the long term.

In this book, you’ll find:

  • Expert guidance on low-carb eating for people with diabetes
  • Sample 7 day meal plans with recipes, grocery lists, and meal prep tips
  • 150 crave-worthy recipes you’ll love, covering breakfast to dessert and everything in between
  • Complete nutrition information to make meal planning easy

Whether you’re interested in learning more about keto, going very low carb, or just looking to make smarter and healthier carb choices, this book has all the information and recipes you need for healthy, carb-savvy eating that’s individualized to you and your unique needs.

Praise for Carb Savvy

This book has changed my life! I’ve always been curious about low carb eating but was confused about how it would affect my medication. Now I’m eating fewer carbs and am eating more of the right kind of carbs to manage my blood sugars. I’m enjoying trying all of the recipes. I make 2 new ones each week and love them all!

Melanie S., Chicago, IL

I’ve tried the keto diet before but could never stay on it for long. I love fruit and pasta too much! This book has shown me how I can include my favorite foods and still reduce my carbs overall and at key times of the day. I’ve lost some weight and my blood sugars are better than ever!

Andy M., Toronto, Canada

This is the best book about low carb eating and diabetes, period. It answered all of my questions and gave me great ideas on what to eat and what to snack on. I really appreciate the advice on how to lose weight by lowering my carbs and then how to adjust what I’m eating to maintain the weight loss. This book is a must.

Walter K., Asheville, NC

Crash Proof: Strategic Healthy Eating to Manage Reactive Hypoglycemia 

If you’ve ever found yourself nauseous, faint or with a pounding headache between meals, this book is for you. Reactive hypoglycemia is a frustrating and debilitating health issue that is poorly understood by many health professionals. Through her extensive research and trial and error in managing her own reactive hypoglycemia, author and registered dietitian Christy Brissette has created a highly effective “how to” guide for keeping blood sugar levels steady. 

This book will help you:

  • Create nutritious and tasty meals and snacks that will stabilize your blood sugar levels 
  • Figure out how to avoid weight gain or even lose weight while eating enough to prevent hypoglycemic episodes
  • Plan meals, grocery shop and stock your pantry for stable blood sugar, energy and focus
  • Determine what to eat before, during and after workouts without crashing
  • Plan for stressful situations where you’re forced to fast, such as medical tests
  • Decide whether supplements could be helpful for you and when you should take them to optimize blood sugar 

End the frustration of trying to figure out how to prevent blood sugar crashes on your own. Get a plan that has helped hundreds of people feel better overnight. 

With delicious recipes, creative food swaps and smart snack ideas, you’ll be able to crash proof your day, every day.

Praise for Crash Proof

I can’t express how grateful I am for this book! Every doctor I talked to about my low blood sugars said my blood sugars are normal, but I know how I feel when I haven’t eaten enough. I couldn’t deal with another day of overeating because I got a migraine and felt nauseous even though I was doing everything I thought was right to prevent blood sugar drops. The info in Crash Proof helped me figure out what I was doing wrong and I’ve never felt better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kelsey H., Newcastle, UK

Meal planning has never been my thing and I’m very active. Over the past year I haven’t been able to work out as much because every time I would I’d end up getting extremely nauseous and shaky afterwards. This book gave me the information I needed to avoid the lows and power through my workouts. I appreciate how simple the meal and snack ideas are and that there are quick options. 

Chris K., New York, NY

I’ve always been a healthy eater but I have 10 pounds that I wasn’t able to lose because of what I call my hangries. I found Christy and her book through an article she wrote about hypoglycemia and felt like someone finally understood what I’ve been going through! This book helped me lose the extra weight even though I’ve been eating more often. And not having the horrible headaches from going low has been amazing. Buy this book!

Marilyn G., Kirkland, WA