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Hi, I’m Christy! I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist and an expert in helping people heal with real food. I’ll show you how to work with your body, not against it.

what I’m about

Here’s what sets me apart from all of the nutrition “experts” out there:


Science + Experience (the best of both worlds)

I became a registered dietitian nutritionist and got a Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences so I could bring you the most up-to-date, evidence -based nutrition guidance out there. With over a decade of experience getting results for my clients, I’ve seen what works best and what just doesn’t.



I’m not going to force you to give up gluten, dairy, meat, grains, or any other foods for no good reason. I don’t follow a particular type of diet. If you want to follow a certain way of eating, I’d love to support you in doing so in a way that’s as nutrient-dense and has as much variety as possible.


Real Food First

Let’s harness the healing power of food! I won’t load you up with supplements and herbs (that’s a red flag, by the way). Save that money and put it towards groceries so you can focus on eating whole, nourishing foods. I only recommend supplements if I determine there is a true need that can’t be met with food.


Realistic and Sustainable

Weighing or measuring food, counting your macros, tracking what you’re eating, or (gasp!) cutting out your favorite foods isn’t going to work long term. My nutrition strategies are for real people, not robots!

You’re busy and you don’t want your diet to consume your life. I get that. All plans include wiggle room for celebrating with family, eating out with friends and going on vacation. And all of my recipes are easy and quick with you in mind.

WHAT IS THE 80 TWENTY RULE, ANYWAY? It’s not about diets. It’s not about calorie counting. It’s about choosing “healthy” foods 80% of the time and treat yourself to “other” foods 20% of the time.



No cookie cutters here! There isn’t one way of eating that works for everyone. You’re an individual and you should be treated like one. All of our courses, books and resources help you find what fits with your unique personality, lifestyle and goals.

Want even more customized information?

Work 1:1 With Christy



You’re here because you’re ready for a change. You want to feel better as soon as possible. I’m here because I’m dedicated to getting you results.

The information I share with you will be life changing. Are you ready to be a happier, more energized, healthier you?

Yes I Am!

I have extensive experience working with clients who have:

  • Blood sugar regulation problems (such as reactive hypoglycemia, relative hypoglycemia, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes)
  • Digestive issues (such as IBS and chronic constipation)
  • Difficulty losing weight or unexplained weight gain
  • Fat loss and/or muscle building goals
  • Chronic stress
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Fatigue
  • Cancer (from diagnosis and treatment to survivorship)

I inspire my clients to:

  • See the power they have to make positive changes to transform their health
  • Appreciate how food can promote and support self-healing
  • Prioritize themselves and their health
  • Shift their mindset and establish habits that move them towards their goals
  • Take the struggle, confusion and stress out of figuring out what to eat
  • Go from overwhelmed to confident in making the right food choices to feel their best

my story

Why I Became a Dietitian

There is so much conflicting and confusing nutrition information out there. If you’re confused or frustrated by what you’ve tried so far, I hear you.

I’ve been there.

Over the years, I’ve watched my family suffer with cancer, diabetes and heart disease. They were disappointed with the lack of reliable information and support they received on how to manage their health problems with nutrition. I knew there had to be a better way.

In an effort to help them and to heal myself from IBS and prevent disease, I tried every diet out there. I lived through weight fluctuations and crashing mood and energy levels. Then my blood sugars crashed too.

Dealing with reactive hypoglycemia made it nearly impossible for me to eat in a way to help me lose the extra weight I had put on.

I continued searching for trustworthy nutrition information but wasn’t satisfied. That’s why I became a dietitian. I cut through the noise and deliver cutting-edge information that actually works.

I healed myself and

helped thousands of people do the same.

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Christy Brissette, MS, RD

Christy Brissette is the award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist and international television personality behind 80 Twenty Nutrition. She is the author of the book Carb Savvy: A Complete Guide to Individualized Low Carb Eating for People with Diabetes and Prediabetes and the Fuel Your Happy course.

Christy’s passion is sharing fresh and innovative ways to boost health and wellness with food. She has helped hundreds of private clients boost their mental health, energy levels and digestive health with her creative and sustainable approach. Christy is known for creating scrumptious recipes and sharing meal and snack ideas that are quick, easy and delicious!

A unique blend of trained scientist and outgoing personality, Christy is regularly interviewed for national news including TV, radio & print media. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Prevention, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, Fitness Magazine, SHAPE, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and many more.

Christy worked as the dietitian for the cancer survivorship program at one of the top cancer centers in the world. She was a frequent guest on national news broadcasts and acted as the nutrition expert for national TV investigative journalism reports on food quality and diet culture.

A celebrated speaker, Christy has been invited to give presentations to groups such as NASA and to surgeons and primary care doctors around the world. She was formerly a spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada.

Christy has a Master’s in Nutritional Sciences and led a randomized control trial on the impact of functional foods on weight loss and inflammation in overweight participants with type 2 diabetes.

When she’s not helping people transform their health with nutrition, Christy is checking out tidepools or building sandcastles in Laguna Beach with her two busy toddlers, husband and mini goldendoodle, Moose.

“Healthy eating is about
abundance, not deprivation”.

– Christy Brissette, MS, RD