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7 Tips for Ordering Healthier Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? I encourage my clients to make it at home whenever possible so you can use the best quality ingredients and load up on veggies… but sometimes, dialing that delivery number is a reality!

I shared my top 3 healthiest choices I would order for this interview on What Dietitians Would Recommend At Pizza Pizza for Huffington Post. But what should you order at other pizza joints?

Here are my top 7 tips to make healthier choices when you order pizza: 

Photo credit: F Delventhal via Flickr
Photo credit: F Delventhal via Flickr

1. Set limits on calories and sodium

For most people, it’s best to aim for 500 calories or less at dinner and to try to limit the sodium to 400 mg if possible.

  1. The crust counts

Choose thin crust to save extra calories.

It’s also a good idea to choose wholegrain crust whenever possible for fibre that will fill you up faster and keep you satisfied longer.

Bonus: The wholegrain crust at Pizza Pizza is an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

  1. Lighten up on cheese

Ask for your pizza to be light on the cheese and slash the saturated fat in half!

Limiting the sodium on pizza is nearly impossible unless you ask them to go lighter on the cheese.

  1. Veg out

Load up on vegetable toppings for extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants without too many calories!

  1. Skip the cured meats

Avoid any cured meats to help keep calories, saturated fat and sodium in control.

  1. Get strategic side dishes

To help you fill your plate without overloading yourself with calories and saturated fat, serve yourself 2 pieces of pizza and also order a garden salad. Seeing a full plate will make you feel less deprived.

  1. Read the nutrition info

Many times people will try to make a healthier choice and end up taking in more calories than they would have normally. I hate to see this happen! Get the nutrition info online or ask for it in store before you order. For example, beware of some of the salads offered at Pizza Pizza… many of them contain high calorie ingredients like breaded chicken strips, bacon bits, etc. Even the lighter sounding Asian Grilled Chicken salad is full of sugar, with 20g /salad!

Note: I know some nutrition experts will recommend blotting your pizza pie with paper towels to remove some of the grease. I’ve tried it and not only do you feel like a freak, you look like one! Plus, taking all of the fat out of the cheese makes it cold and clammy. Have your pizza once in awhile and enjoy it!

What are your favourite tips for healthy takeout pizza?

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  1. I never even knew they made whole grain pizza crust. My favorite type of bread is wheat bread, and if the option is available, I always choose whole grain. It is good to know, because now I can choose whole grain pizza crust in the future.