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Nutrition insights you need to manage stress, boost your energy levels and ease anxiety and depression for good.

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Figuring out what to eat can be stressful. Our course will help you:

  • Skyrocket your mood and energy levels
  • Learn which foods and nutrients support a happy, healthy brain
  • Restore balance to your neurotransmitters, hormones and microbiome
  • Streamline grocery shopping and meal prep to free up your time and energy for fun, rest and rejuvenation
  • Have confidence that you’re healing your brain and body for optimal lifelong health

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I’m Christy
and I’m here to help

I’m am award-winning registered dietitian with extensive post-graduate training in nutritional sciences and integrative medicine. I have over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people heal their minds and bodies with nutrition and food.

I created 80 Twenty Nutrition to help you be your happiest, healthiest self. We’ll identify the real reasons you’re feeling stuck and design a way of eating that gets you results and fits your unique needs and lifestyle.

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Success Stories

I’ve spent the past 25 years on antidepressants and in therapy and still felt like my depression just wasn’t lifting. Christy’s course was life changing! I’m feeling so much happier, I have way more energy and I don’t need to nap anymore. I can focus again and am finally going back to work. Thank you, Christy!

Charlie H., Tallahassee, Florida

My anxiety was skyrocketing even though I was trying to do all the right things. Even thinking about grocery shopping and making meals was too overwhelming. Christy’s plan gave me the clear steps I needed to fuel myself with so much less stress. It’s only been 2 weeks, but my anxiety is manageable now. I’ve lost a bit of weight and my digestive issues are better too!

Leigh-Anne M., Vancouver, Canada

Before, I was eating because I had to. Now I eat because I want to. Christy taught me how to care for my body to feel my best, and I’m feeling so much more positive about myself and life. My only wish is that I’d found her sooner.

Marc E., Boise, Idaho

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